The Work Ready Program is in operation statewide and it’s run by Community Action Agencies. The program in partnership with the Department of Public Welfare is designed to provide a full range of employment and training services to TANF (temporary assistance to needy families) participants with limited employability. Due to the changing face of individuals receiving Public Assistance in today’s economy, recipients that enter the program may have a college degree and/or extensive work experience and only need additional support in order to re-enter the workforce. Some participants are referred to the program because they will be best served by the activities offered. All program participants are referred to Work Ready directly through the Department of Public Welfare by contractual obligation. The program provides a holistic assessment of each individual and takes into account all facets of the individual’s life. Although employment is the ultimate goal of the program, a myriad of other significant areas are covered while participants are attending.

Our Mission

The population served includes adults receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and persons who are eligible for Food Stamps only. This population requires assistance with job readiness skills, developing resumes and determining career goals, finding jobs, speaking and writing English, making child care arrangements, and solving transportation problems, possibly including learning how to drive.

What We Offer

Employment Assistance – Transportation Assistance – Assistance with Child care – Vocational Skills Training – Computer Basics Training – Job Search Training – GED Assistance – Incentives – Counseling Assistance – ESL Assistance – Vehicle Purchase (limited) – Professional Guest Speakers

The Work Ready Program is committed to assisting participants in improving their income through applying five principles of success: urgency, ownership, learn by doing, life long learning and motivation to their daily lives. The program is driven to identify, remove and/or diminish obstacles that impede self-sufficiency and individual growth. Ultimately, the efforts of the Work Ready Program will remove individuals from dependence on the welfare system and develop empowered, contributing members of the community.


“The staff is amazing, warm, comforting and beyond supportive. It has been about a month since I started with the program, it has been great, I received a couple of responses for jobs, nothing as of yet, but I am not giving up. I have been actively seeking employment, time and patience is a virtue which I have become accustomed to. ”

-Corinne Bota

“I am learning a lot of different things in this program and I am enjoying learning a lot of different stuff about computers and the internet. I hope that when new people come into this program that they learn the same stuff that I have learned and so much more, because I can not get enough of learning new things in my life.”

-David Zeigafuse

“I found employment in such a short period of time as of today makes approximately a month and a half of me being enrolled in this terrific opportunity of success.  The Staff is amazing here they really look out for you and make sure you’re on the correct path of being successful so with that being said I am very grateful they have this program and I want to take this time to say thank you to each and every wonderful staff member”

-Zhaki Clark